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Importer & Distributor of Branded European Food Products

REVENUES: $13,250,000.

EBITDA: $1,225,000.

Established in 1978, this niche business specializes in the importing of a wide variety of 700+ high quality specialty European foods. The company imports pickles, marinated mushrooms, jellies, puddings, dehydrated soups, dry mushrooms, concentrates and pickled vegetables. Other popular imports include candies, preserves, herbal and fruit teas along with soups and beverages. Products are sourced from multiple long-term European suppliers and sold in the US under the company’s trademarked brand name along with a large assortment of other imported food products. High demand, best sellers include a variety of pickles, cheeses, and soups. Sales are highly repetitive in the company’s 150 specialty store’s accounts located in the greater NYC market, Long Island and Northern NJ. The company has an additional 50 specialty food stores in the Chicago area along with 5 long-term distributors. The business occupies 2 separately owned warehouses in NY and Chicago. The NY facility is a modern and well maintained 20,000 SF warehouse including 5,000 SF of refrigeration and 1,500 SF of executive office space. The Chicago warehouse consists of 37,000 SF. Non-union labor and flexible lease terms for both locations. NY employees consist of the owner and general manager; 4 office personnel; 10 warehouse employees; and 2 drivers. The Chicago branch employs a general manager, 1 admin, 1 driver, 5 warehouse employees and 1 independent sales rep. The owner wishes to retire and is available for a 12-to-18-month transition period.

Healthy assortment of yellow foods
Importer & Distributor of Branded European Food Products: Service
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