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Here are a few recent selected transactions we have completed

Selected Sold Transactions

Transactions: Products


REVENUES: $4,450,000.

EBITDA: $1,400,000.

Founded in 2001, this high profit niche manufacturer enjoys an excellent reputation as a leader in the design,
engineering, manufacturing, packing, crating and shipping range of products including high-value, heavy, fragile
and unique items. Products shipped include IT equipment, computers, sensitive electronics, laboratory testing
equipment and much more. Crates and containers are lined and filled with ample foam cushioning agents to
ensure items are totally secure for shipping. The company provides product-specific packaging for
manufacturers, prototypes and one-of-a-kind specialty items for multiple industries including the IT/ electronics
sector, Hazmat packaging along with military and government plus medical and heavy equipment and office
relocation. There are 50 active commercial accounts. The NYC and NJ consumer markets remain untapped.
The company employs 16 full-time employees which include 2 partners, 1 office manager, 1 warehouse manager
with the remaining 12 employees in sales, purchasing, administrative, warehouse and manufacturing. The
business occupies a 27,000SF warehouse with 5,000SF of executive office space.

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